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The work Codeswitching was accepted as a finalist in the 2019 Wallace Awards.


In order to address the consumption of images, this work considers the problematic nature of display. It sets up irreverent comparisons between two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, abstract and figurative, viewer and audience, scale, wall and floor, and questions artistic identity. The artist is unfaithful to one style, and engages in style contrast, using more than one language (code switching).


Paint was applied with brush, spreader, roller, palette knife and card, using oils on an acrylic ground. Painting is a temporal process arriving at a state that may be provisional or highly finished. This work is a conceptual site, where style hopping reflects the diversity and difference in today’s multi-cultural society. The model of the gallery simulates the current exhibition and examines the act of viewership with the model figures acting as viewers.

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