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Often working in series I have a large range of works in different media.         Examples of three series are shown here.


 Primordial New Zealand series looks at a pre-colonised New Zealand with the hint through fence posts of what was to come. These imagined landscapes have mountains and waterfalls and varying land formations suggesting errie ghost-like   

apparitions. Acrylic on paper.


Two drawings from an abstract series. Made up of floating symbols in sketchy pen and acrylic masses in earthy colours on coloured paper these works are quizzical and quirky responses. 


Colonial Drawings:  Interested in how history is ‘stored’ I visited numerous small regional history museums in Northland and the Waikato recording historic objects in large charcoals on paper exploring ideas about New Zealand identity and history. These emphasised the fragmentary nature of how history reaches us and the need to collect it together by both amateurs in genealogy, professionally by historians or creatively by artists. About 60 works.

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