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If self is provisional, constantly shifting, a fiction added to and subtracted from then we all have a myriad of possible selves where identity is a construction. Questioning conventional narratives of identity, my practice changes from style to style every few years over a thirty plus year span.

I was motivated by feminism to find ways to work outside the historical tradition of easel painting. I chose to work outside the rectangle, treating the wall as a white space and the painting as a shape on the wall. Experimenting with format and arrangement led to multi-panel wooden cut-outs, shaped single panels, multi-part oval arrangements and eventually a return to conventional canvases on stretchers but often working within a shape.

A lot of my work is how perception and imagination work together to make something I’m unfamiliar with. The styles fluctuate between abstract and figurative, for many years I maintained two studios, one for each approach. Style hopping critiques authenticity and explores art history while performing painting strategies that are replaceable.

I grew up with an inventive and entrepreneurial grandfather and father – the former started Farmers department store, the latter was a toy manufacturer – Lincoln Toys – and every year there was a new range of seasonal merchandise, there was constant renewal and invention. I was encouraged to take risks, to find what was new and excited me in writing – short stories published and two novels and a play unpublished, and in art, while journeying overseas (living in London six years) and residing in Auckland New Zealand. I have an MFA Whitecliffe College of Art and Design 2005 and an MCW Hons (Creative Writing) from AUT Auckland University of Technology 2009.


1998  Finalist  Visa Gold Awards

2008  Finalist  Waitakeres Award

2015  Finalist  Molly Morpeth Canaday Award

2019  Finalist  New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award

2019  Finalist  Wallace Art Awards

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