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Exploring the conundrums and dilemmas people find themselves in I add surrealist twists to experiences and mysterious turns. The impossible and illogical is alongside the everyday – dream states are hinted at – the paintings provoke the viewer into becoming the story teller. Doll sized figures either dressed in casual clothing or abstract – made up of painterly shapes in crisp silhouettes – are under psychological investigation, being challenged and thwarted by each other, enacting roles and communicating silently in controlled spaces.

The vigour of the oil strokes or spread of paint can be evaluated as a pictorial event in its own right while being understood as a simulation of something real. Painting traditions appear in any painted work – here twentieth century mid-century  abstraction and realism from the beginning of modernism.

In social theory symbolic interactionism theory describes a world of people made real by interacting. Exchange  - social, monetary, psychological and sexual, being essential to a functional society. My interest is in the context for these interchanges and how we perceive these quickly and slowly in real time, in digital space and in the slower time of the painted image.

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